The driver’s minimum age is 23 years old for car rental. For cars which categorized in categories E and F the driver’s minimum age is 25 years old.


  • The client must hold a driving license for at least 12 months and have a Greek European driving license.
  • Non-EU patent holder must have the International Diploma with him.
  • The client must have a Police ID or Passport.
  • The credit card is essential for car hire and warranty is required for car rental the warranty starts at 500 euros for the small categories Α & Β and goes up depending on the vehicle category for more information contact on email and contact telephones ..


Vehicles are only allowed to drive on asphalted roads.

In case it is found that the vehicle is being used on dirt roads or non-approved roads.

The rental of the vehicle will be canceled at the lessee's fault due to misuse of the vehicle.

And compensation will be requested from any damages .


  • Our company guarantees that the prices will not be change after the rent booking confirmation.

The prices based on the days and the hours of the rental. The minimum period for a car rental is 24 hours.


  1. Unlimited kilometers
  2. Special prices for limited kilometers.
  3. Car insurance
  4. Taxes
  5. Roadside assistance
  6. Pick-up and Return
  7. Maps
  8. Car replacement in case of accident or damage


  • Mixed insurance
  • Thief insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • G.P.S
  • Seats for children
  • Pet transportation in the vehicle
  • Qualified driver


  • Credit Card / Debit Card / Cash
  • has POS device.


  • All cars include insurance for third parties.
  • MIXED INSURANCE (CDW): Mixed insurance includes only the damages that may happen in the company’s car. It can be provided to the client only after a specific request with extra charge based on the type of car. All mixed insurances have a based exemption amount.  In case of an accident or damage the client is required paying the exemption amount that he has sign in his contract.
  • ByCar company provides to its clients insurance for third parties death or body injures.


The liability of the renter for his legal participation in any damage to the car is limited to:

  1. 2800,00€ for Group A & B
  2. 3900,00€ for Group C
  3. 6500,00€ for Group Jeep - Suv & G & D

* Provided that the damage is not due to a violation of the Road Traffic Code.


In case the client wants to reduce the aforementioned amounts,to 400,00 €, 450,00 € και 500,00 €  he should pay an extra daily amount as follows:

  • 12€/ per day for Group A & B
  • 14€/ per day for Group C
  • 20€/ per day Group Jeep - Suv & G & D


  • The client is required to return the car with the same amount of fuel same as the pick-up.


  • The return of the car is made upon prior arrangement at the start of the rental.

Store hours daily 08:00 to 21:00 pickups and deliveries of vehicles outside opening hours have a charge of 10 euros each. (the cost is not included in the initial booking)

*the client has full responsibility for the company’s car.( in case the company will not be informed). The client is also responsible, if the car was driven by other person than the listed driver of the lease or if there was indifference / negligence when using the car.

In case the client needs extra car options the price will be tailored.

If the client is not sure for the liability of his Car License, he should address to our company for more information